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Small trophies
with no column
Our small trophies consists of a trophy figure placed upon marble-finish base.
Small trophies
with column
Our standard one-column trophy consists of a trophy figure placed upon a color column, with a marble-finish base
Small trophies
with trim
Our small trophies with trim come on a wood, plastic or marble base. The stand for trim pace with be the year date.(2003)
2 column trophies
Custom make you own trophy
Now Ordering Trophies has been made easier with Bend Awards and Engraving. First click on Baseball, Golf, Basketball, Soccer. Then select the type of trophy you want. Figures, Columns, and Bases will appear, after you have chosen your theme and type. Now you can make your trophy.
The type of figures are:
Baseball, Soccar, Football, Bowling, Victory, Golf, and Basketball
Also see are figures here

Column comes in the following colors:
red, blue, purple, gold, Green, sliver Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Football, Ice Hockey Academics, Flags, Soccer

Trophy Awards!
Find the perfect Trophy for your Team by browsing our many figers and column by using the links at the top or in the sidebar. We also feature minor awards to note significant achievements.
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Last modified:March 18 2010.

Bend Awards has been serving Central Oregon since 1976.